nina_kink (nina_kink) wrote,

Собственно, перевод

Если кому-то интересно, вот первый черновик перевода.

Стихотворение вот это: Память о солнце в сердце слабеет...

The sun from the memory is slowly fading.
Dry is the grass.
The wind lets a few snowflakes early
From its grasp.

The water in streams stopped flowing freely,
Caught in its tracks.
I know that nothing will happen here--
Know for a fact!

I am looking up through the veil of a willow
Into the sky.
It’s probably best that I didn’t
Become your wife.

The sun from the memory is slowly fading.
What is it? Dark?
Well may be! The winter is soon descending
With luck.


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